Welcome To Blackfriars Communications

When you go to the average supermarket, you choose your household products from shelves holding an average of 30,000 products. Another 20,000 new products are introduced in supermarkets each year, and most of them fail. A person searching on Google for "2004 car" gets a list of 18 million documents. Businesses today communicate in an environment of information overload, something we at Blackfriars call The Tyranny Of Too Much.

Blackfriars Communications helps organizations market and communicate in the face of this information overload. We do this through consulting, executive training, and research services that use objective methodologies that cut through the media tsunami we experience each day. Blackfriars isn't in business to sell ink; we're in business to make that ink work better.

If your business's value is getting lost in the tyranny of too much, please contact us. Our customers typically come from technical industries like high technology, financial services, and oil and gas, but we can help any company make its marketing and messaging more effective.

If you would like to interact with us and discuss the tyranny of too much, Blackfriars' views, or our research, please feel free to post comments to The Blackfriars Blog . If you would like to join our mailing list, please click here.